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Jan 2017

SELLING TWO RAMS...  The first one is RC Fergus, #2234. We need new genetics for our flock...RC Fergus 2234



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The second ram is our 6 mo old lamb (twin) from RC Fergus #2234 and RC Tara #2459, bred around the 22th of January and born on the 22nd of June, 2016. He is still unregistered/pending.  Sire Pedigree Dam Pedigree


Cynthia and Stewart Gooding

Trails End Farm and Ranch

11370 E. Edison St.

Tucson,  AZ 85749






            RANCHO CAETANO

              CA Reds For Sale 12/2016


1. EWE   RC#2244 (03/15/12-tw) SIRE1847-DAM1692                                 


2. EWE   RC#2238 (3/8/12-tw) SIRE1847-DAM1541


3. EWE   RC#2342 (3/10/13-tw) SIRE1847-DAM1580


4. EWE   RC#2457 (3/8/14-tw) SIRE1847-DAM1580


5. EWE   RC#2461 (03/16/14-tw) SIRE1847-DAM1542


    ** All ewes listed above have been bred to lamb March 2017



1. RAM   RC#2351 (03/09/13-tw) SIRE1847-DAM1685


    ** Proven sire, used in 2015 & 2016


2016 LAMBS


1. EWE LAMB #1602 (2/22/16-tw) SIRE2243-DAM2134


2. EWE LAMB #1617 (3/3/16-tw) SIRE2243-DAM2238


3. EWE LAMB #1624 (3/8/16-tw) SIRE2351-DAM2342


4. EWE LAMB #1626 (3/11/16-tw) SIRE2351-DAM2133


5. EWE LAMB #1630 (3/13/16-tw) SIRE2243-DAM2240


    **All ewe lambs listed above are in process of being registered



Hayes Dane 2

Hayes Dane 1

CRS registry number 2502.

Asking $300 OBO. Proven breeder, 3 years old.
Contact Janelle Gossner at,

 CA Red Natural colored Roving
$2 oz, 10 % discount on 16 oz or more.