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California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.

+ Why should I register my sheep?
+ Why can't I register my lambs as soon as they're born?
+ How can I show my sheep in a breed classes when they aren’t old enough to register?
+ Can I register a wether?
+ I just sheared my sheep, how long do I have to wait to take registration photos?
+ If I use a CA Red ram that does not belong to me can I register the babies?
+ Do I need to provide a wool sample in order to register my sheep?
+ Is there a weight requirement for registering California Red Sheep?
+ Why do I have to provide photographs with my application for registration?
+ Can I register a California Red Sheep over the age of three?
+ What is a ranch prefix?
+ Do I have to use the eartags provided by the Registry when I registered my sheep?
+ Can I register a lamb produced through Artificial Insemination?
+ Can I have my California Red Sheep registered by inspection?
+ It looks like my ram is getting horns, can he still be registered.
+ I see that I am suppose to check my ram for signs of Epididymitis when I apply for registration. What is Epididymitis and what am I looking for?
+ On my application for registration it tells me to cheek that my sheep’s teeth meet dental pad. What am I looking for?
+ One of my California Red Sheep’s ancestors has a number preceeded by “C”, what does that mean?
+ Is the California Red Sheep Registry an open or closed registry?
+ I am not a member, can I advertise on the California Red Sheep website?
+ Does the California Red Sheep Registry have a junior membership?
+ Can I pay for my membership and applications by credit card?