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California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.

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Alice Gardner at Sheep Camp Alice Gardner- Gardner's Sheep Camp

 Alice Gardner was the granddaughter of a Fort Ross sheep rancher and had always wanted to raise sheep. Her husband promised when they married they would live on a farm, but he took his family to LosAngeles for 18 years when he studied viruses and cancer at the University of Southern California.

 Dr. Murray Gardner then moved his family north in 1981 and chaired the department of pathology at the University of California, Davis. Alice finally got her ranch on Maxwell Lane in Dixon, CA. Originally Murray purchased a flock of Barbados sheep to raise for slaughter, but Alice took after her grandfather, who used to cry when the butchers arrived to harvest his flock. She contacted Dr. Glen Spurlock and switched to California Reds. Preferring to market wool instead of meat, she ran a small company out of her home called Flat Hill Farm Fibers. Alice cleaned and dyed raw wool then had them processed into roving. Alice preferred to leave the spinning to her customers. It was her favorite part of the process. "It's like magic. It's very satisfying, very relaxing. You don't have to keep track of anything."

 For many years Alice held an "Open Barn" where she invited the public to her 10 acre ranch at shearing time. Much of her processed and raw wool was sold at this annual gathering. Spinners and weavers are on hand and lambs were barbecued, giving people a sample of everything from wool to meat.

 Alice Gardner's lineup of California Red Sheep EwesAlice Gardner and California Red Sheep ram - Don Juan (pronounced Don Zwan)

Alice raised CA Reds from 1981 till 1999. She and Murray moved from their ranch to an "island" home in the delta near Rio Vista, CA where they are currently located.

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