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California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.

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California Red Sheep

History in the Making

Founders of California Red Sheep

Aime and Paulette Soulier


Aime & Paulette Soulier at California State Fair 1990In 1975 Aime and Paulette saw their first red lambs. These lambs were at the home of their friends Glen and JoAnne Tomlinson who had received them from a Dr. Spurlock who had attempted to develop a wool free breed of sheep with a large carcass. Dr. Spurlock having failed in his attempt at wool free gave the sheep to the Tomlinson's. Aime and Paulette were intrigued by them and they decided to purchase three adult sheep, a ram Big Red #2 and two ewes #313 and #316 (all original crosses Tunis x Barbados). They brought them to the Pierce Ranch and over the next two years they purchased the First crosses that were born on the Tomlinson's ranch as well as more of the original cross flock.

California Red Sheep on Pierce Ranch in 1987In 1978 they contacted Dr. Spurlock for his advise about improving the wool and body size. Dr. Spurlock suggested breeding back to a Tunis ram. At this time Paulette and Dr. Spurlock collaborated on calling the emerging breed California Red Sheep.

In 1979 the Souliers purchased two Tunis rams, Tempete #926 from New York and Big Shot #328 from Pennsylvania as well as five Barbados ewes from California (#1, 2, 3, 49 and 50). They also purchased the last of the original cross flock from the Tomlinsons, which consisted of nine ewes and a ram Big Red #1.

In 1983 they bought another Tunis ram Cesar #1841 from New York. At one point they had 180 ewes and six to seven rams. During this period they had to cull many sheep due to the black markings we refer to as "badger face".

The very first "true" California Red ram born on the Pierce Ranch was Don Juan. He was born on September 20, 1980 and given to Alice Gardner in Dixon, CA for her new flock of California Red Sheep.

The most memorable sheep for the Souliers were Boy Reg. 1, Romeo Reg 15 and a ewe flock #24.

California Red Sheep Ram -Boy-1983California Red Sheep ram - Romeo in 1982

Boy was a large framed stocky ram, born on March 25, 1981. He was gentle with the ewes. He produced 21 registered ewes and two registered rams in his time. They had Boy until the early 1990's.

Romeo born on November 15, 1983 had a beautiful mane but was mean with the ewes. Because of his temperament they put him down when he was 5 years old.

Paulette was amazed with Ewe #24 which produced triplets each year.

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