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California Red Sheep Registry, Inc.


Photo Tips from the Registrar:

These are examples of good registration photos accompanied by suggestions to make sure you submit satisfactory photos when completing applications.

 Example of good front view registration photo

 Front view:

The front view should include the entire animal from head to toes. Watch that shadows do not fall over the front of the animals. There should be enough light and contrast for the registrar to see that there are no spots. Avoid taking photos in high pastures that block the feet. The registrar loves photos like this that identify the animals because the ear tag is zoom-able.

 Left side:

Again, registrar needs to see the entire animal including heads and toes and, as much as possible four legs. Taking photos in barns is challenging and most barns do not have adequate light to take good registration photos. The head should be forward or facing the camera, not turn back away from the camera. The registrar is looking for wool placement, clean legs and head, any disqualifying spots, including placement of any poll spots.

 Example of good registration photo of left side
 Example of good rear view registration photo

 Rear view:

Group shots are okay as long as it is obvious which animal is the subject of the photo. Otherwise, photos should be cropped so there is no doubt as to which animal is the candidate. Rear shots should include the hips and down to the toes. Angle is very important when photographing ram candidates, the registrar needs to be able to see the scrotal area and evaluate the size and shape.

 Right side:

Basically the same advice applies as the left side comments. One thing we have not mentioned is human hand placement, handlers should try to keep hands from blocking portions of the animal that are being examined. The registrar realizes that not all candidates are halter broken and keeping hands out of the way can be difficult, if you need to submit two pictures get all of the animal in that will be okay.

 Example of good right view registration photo
 Example of good top of head view registration photo

 Top of Head:

The registrar needs to be able to see the hornline and the poll spot placement.

 To submit your registration photos...click the button below attach photos and indicate the candidates name and/or number in the body of the message.